Independence Day: My Street

Client: 20th Century Fox

Blowing sh*t up real good in google street view.

It’s not every day that you get to blow stuff up for a living. But for the launch of Independence Day 2: Resurgence, 20th Century Fox asked us to do exactly that.

Working within Google Street View, we allowed users to unleash a devastating alien attack on any location in the world – including their own home (or office, especially good if you’re having an epic case of the Mondays). We used a mix of highly detailed video assets and more low-poly WebGL elements to make sure the experience was hyper realistic. The finished product caused quite a stir online, including feature stories in FastCo Create, Entertainment Weekly and the Huffington Post – plus megatons of social love.

The key was to make the experience believable, but still over-the-top and epic, in keeping with the spirit of the film. We also mimicked the color grading of the film trailers and incorporated actual assets from the film into our WebGL experience.

Making all that happen required pretty nimble balancing of design and tech elements, or else the whole thing would chug to a halt.

In the end, some crafty collaboration amongst the designers, developers and animators allowed us to deliver what highly trained industry insiders refer to as “Le Boom-Boom”.